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JP Tolani Jee

Every human being has a number that defines their personality, their destiny and the future.


Jai Prakash Tolani, the founder of Numerogem has been a prominent name in the prediction industry for the past many years. He has been practicing numerology for over 20 years and has served numerous clients across the world.

He had done extensive research in the field of numerology and has developed the technique for predicting the major events happening in person’s life, which is also known as Event Timings.

This advanced technique is exceptionally useful to foresee every significant event of an individual’s life. Not only this, Jai Prakash Tolani jee had fostered a technique to comprehend the characteristics of an individual with his/her name itself which helps in understanding a person’s strength and weakness from the name itself.

Aside from being a numerologist, Tolani Jee has been practicing astrology and palmistry as well for the last twenty years.

He is having clienteles across the world, who had got benefited with suitable solutions to their problems. JP Tolani Jee has used his numerology wisdom to help society.

From common people to eminent personalities, everyone has benefited from his accurate analysis and predictions.

He has been featured in many renowned publications, such as Patrika, Naidunia, and Navbharat.

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