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National Mathematics Day - 22nd December

Today is national mathematic day therefore it’s a tribute to India’s best mathematician Mr. Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangar through his numerological Analysis.

Name – Srinavasa Ramanujan Aiyangar

FnA – 23/5

Nn – 64/1

Surname – 15/6

Dob – 22/12/1887

Bn – 4, Dn, 4

Brief Summary

He was born in Erode (No. 5) which is also on his Fnn (5) and friendly to his name number (1).
In 1919 (20/2) at the age of (2) he had contracted with Small Pox but he had recovered from it as his running age (2) and year (2) was friendly to his Nn and Fnn.
At the running age of 11(2) it was the 1st time where he had shown his mathematical knowledge to the elder college students.
In 1904 (14/5) he had been awarded K. Ranganatha Rao prize for mathematics being an outstanding student who deserved scores higher than maximum.
At the age of 26 (8), on 17 (8) march (3) 1914 (15/6) total comes to (17/8) he had departed for London (31/4) and he reached to London on 14 (5) April (4) 1914 (6). Where both departing and landing number (6 & 8) where supportive to his Bn and Dn.
On 2nd May 1918 (2 & 26/8) at the age of 31 (4) he had been elected as fellow of Royal Society as youngest member.
On 13th October 1918 (4 & 24/6) again age of 31 (4) he was the 1st Indian elected as fellow of Trinity College Cambridge.

Analysis –

His BN and DN are both at 4, so he has a master mind and a restless mind. Because of his first name number, he is curious, quick-witted, and always on the hunt for information. Throughout his life, he had obtained success and help from superiors and governing bodies. His surname (6) was friendly to his first name number, so he did receive blessings from his ancestors.

He was spiritual because his FNA was No. Since 3 is friendly to his NNN, he is obligated to follow his customs. He gives full credit to the goodness that is Namegiri Thayar, which is again 32/5 combinations of 3,2 & 5, which were mainly used in Nn and Bn and his full name also came to 5 which might have definitely blessed him. Thus, in his case, he had been blessed by both his ancestors as well as goodness Laxmi.

He was weak in the immune system as a result of both being the No.1 enemy of his BN and excessively having No.1 in his name. Throughout his life he had suffered from health problems. Tuberculosis is also represented by No.4 as it’s not friendly with his full name number.

The disease related to the intestine was also present in his name, which meant that he would also suffer from stomach-related health issues.

He had died on 26/04/1920 (8 & 6) both enemy to his Nn (1), on that year he was at RA of 33 /6 again enemy to his Nn (1) and also on that day he had completed his 11813 (14/5) combination of his Nn and Dn and Fnn and died on 11814th day (15/6) combination of His Nn and Fnn, on that day he had number sequence of 11814, carried more negative energy of No.1 and friendly 8,4 and 6.

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