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Aryan Khan Case Study

Name – Aryan Khan

DOB – 13/11/1997
FnA – 1
Nn – 23/5
BN – 4
DN – 32/5

Aryan Khan date of birth combination itself represents, he is very lucky person and will bless with all the success in his life post 26 of age. He will get good support from his father and His number says he is energetic person. Very good grasping power. His Nn and DN both falls at No. 5 which makes his personality charming, also his is having combination of 4 & 5 which gives excellent communication skill, witty with inherent ability to manipulate and twist the facts to present it. He usually speaks in low tone and little less than common people do, conceals the facts related to self by and large and will be secretive in actions, molds or bents self quickly according to situation or environment. Such combination will give him success against mass public.
His had been caught on 2nd which is enemy to both his birth number and destiny number. Also, on that day his total day on earth was 8725 which comes to 22/4 again it’s combination of double 2 being enemy of no.4. And since No. 4 is enemy to No.2 and No. 1 therefore, he had been caught by government authorities.

What will happen next –

He will come out from this case before his 24th birthday which will be in next month and he will also enter in direction in 2023 which will be his personal year No.4 and he will gain huge success.

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